Vegan in Vegas

My husband and I recently travelled to Vegas for a get-away for the two of us. I love to travel but eating for me is a challenge. Between my dietary restrictions from my multiple allergies and then the dietary choices I've made to be plant-based, finding great restaurants feels overwhelming sometimes. I've made it my mission to find us really delicious plant-based options wherever we go and Vegas was no exception! We were there for 3 nights and I managed to find three restaurants that fit the bill. I needed options that were plant-based and I wasn't allergic to (the biggest of the offenders are gluten, soy and almonds). I was very succesful on 2 of the 3 nights which I think is pretty good! Here are my recommendations if you find yourself in Vegas and want a great Plant-based meal.


This restaurant is located in Caesars Palace and is casual and absolutely delicious. At first glance there are no plant-based options but upon request they fixed me a delicious cauliflower steak and the presentation was beautiful. They have other locations in San Diego and Del Mar so if you find yourself in either of those locations you should try them out.


This restaurant was off the strip and close to the airport. We almost didn't go because it required an Uber ride but I was curious about this restaurants large plant-based and oil-free menu so we decided to go. The Uber ride turned out to be quite pleasant (we have met some really interesting people in Ubers) and the food was worth the trip. The menu is about 30% plant-based but also has options for those who aren't plant-based. I had a fried artichoke appetizer over a bed of grilled zucchini and it was sooooo good. The fried part was definitely not oil-free and not healthy but sometimes it's ok to splurge. For my main dish I chose a spinach and "ricotta" dumpling with a marinara sauce and was also very impressed. This was oil-free and gluten-free and quite healthy so everything balanced out!


If you have any restaurant suggestions I can add to the list feel free to comment!  Happy eating!

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