The Licensing Effect

Licensing Effect

The Licensing Effect

How many of you have said, "I've exercised today so it's ok to have those fries with dinner!" That mentality may be sabotaging your diet! The licensing effect is when being good gives us permission to be bad.  While it is healthy to indulge on occasion, many people use exercise as permission to eat poorly.  Research indicates that 80% of success or failure with a weight loss program lies in one's diet.  We will see change in our bodies initially through exercise alone but if no changes are made to your diet then we begin to plateau.  Diet is key to your long term success at weight loss, increasing your energy and living your life to it's fullest so the next time you want that piece of cake because you went to the gym, THINK TWICE!  


    • We all fall into it at some point but I think you are correct. As we age we tend to give ourselves license to do things that don’t always benefit our health!

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