I gave myself tabata classes as a birthday present. I have wanted to get back in shape since I gave birth to my second child (who is now in kindergarten!). I thought I was living a healthy lifestyle but wasn’t seeing the changes I wanted to see. This boot camp is more than a series of workouts. The nutrition part is more of a lifestyle change. The combination of better food choices and challenging workouts have left me feeling better than I have in a long t...ime. I have made some great friends and everyone is so supportive of one another! Although I would like to see a thinner me, I am happier with this stronger me. To date, I have lost more than 7” inches and 8 pounds off my body. I used to have a terrible afternoon slump that is gone. I have more energy, sleep better, and can keep up with my kids. I am on my second round and loving the way I feel.