Riley Shaia-Tabata Bootcamp Master Trainer

Tabata Bootcamp Testimonial

This week I thought I would share a testimonial from one of my bootcampers.  Ashley’s experience with Tabata Bootcamp is exactly what I would wish for everyone who joins this program.  Her success is amazing and although she gives me some credit, it is her hard work that allowed her to achieve such amazing results!

Ashley’s Story

Tabata was just the change I needed. Not only did it kickstart my metabolism and help me get in better physical shape, but I gained so much more over the 3 months while doing Tabata. Riley helped me adjust my eating habits to include more whole grains, more nuts, less animal protein and many more veggies and fruits. And I never once felt deprived. I love my new way of eating and feel so much better. It was just simple things that she suggested I change, but the sum of those changes brought incredible results. Over the course of doing Tabata(with diet changes) for 3 months, I lost over 12 pounds and 4 1/2 inches off my waist.

I also gained tremendous strength. At one point, I could even do 47 push ups in a minute, which was quite impressive to my boys! I have never been an athletic person but after Tabata training, I feel much more confident in my physical strength and ability.

Along with the diet changes and increase physical endurance and strength, I have made some really good friends through Tabata. It makes it so much more fun to come to the Y and see many familiar and friendly faces. The Y has not only been my daily source of physical exercise but it’s become a place where I am known and welcomed- a community for me!



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