Small Steps Lead to Great Change

20160818_191634The creator of Tabata Bootcamp Mindy Mylrea and her husband Bruce are often heard saying “small steps lead to great change.”  Even that can seem overwhelming when it comes to changes in your diet.  We are all so busy and the thought of expending more effort to come up with meals that will contribute to a healthier you is daunting.  A great deal of research points to the benefits of eating a plant-based diet.  While you may not be ready to give up all animal products it is hard to deny that eating more fruits, vegetable, nuts and seeds will only serve to improve your health.  However, most of us have a rotation of meals that we go to every week that are easy and familiar.  Changing that for more plant-based options is daunting so here are a few tips to make this transition easier.  Before you know it you will have lots of plant-based options that are both healthy and delicious!


Kaiser Permanente’s Three Step Method

1)Think of three meals that are plant-based that you already enjoy.  Examples might be a vegetable stir-fry or pasta with marinara sauce.

2)Think of three meals that could be tweaked to be plant-based. One example might be beef chili that could be replaced by 5 bean chili.

3)Discover three new healthy options.  The internet is teaming with websites that have great recipes and ideas for eating a plant-based diet.  In Michael Gregor’s book How Not To Die he suggests the following websites to get you started.


Following these steps will leave you with 9 meals that you can now rotate each week that are all plant-based.  That’s incredible!  If you take each of these small steps towards altering your diet then you will see great change in your health and wellness!

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