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Are You Ready for the Madness? Easy Back to School Breakfast and Lunch Ideas

Ready for school to start but not ready for the need for a quick breakfast before the kiddos rush out the door or the packed lunch that no one ever eats? I feel like my kid's diets have gone off the rails a bit this summer so I'm looking forward to the chance to fill them up with healthy yet delicious food. I've complied a list of ideas for breakfast and lunch that will hopefully make breakfast and lunches easier for mom and dad and make for healthier kids at the same time. It is so easy to fall into the processed food trap as we get busy and our will power gets worn down. A little planning goes a long way though so stock up on the ingredients in these ideas (most of which can be found in the links below) and start the school year off with ease!


  1.  Smoothies- My kids like to keep it simple with a banana, some frozen strawberries and an unsweetened plant milk.  Our favorite plant-based milk is Forager unsweetened cashew milk but any unsweetened plant milk will work.  I like Forager because it doesn't have additives.  You might also try sneaking in some Moringa powder which I wrote about recently.  It has a mild flavor that is completely masked by the taste of the smoothie.
  2.  Whole Grain Pancakes- Pancakes can be made ahead and frozen or kept in the refrigerator for several days.  I love a pancake recipe by Cookie and Kate because it contains whole grains, no eggs and very little sugar .
  3.  French Toast- Depending on how you make French Toast you could have a super sugary, unhealthy breakfast or you could try this recipe for French Toast.  Get some good quality whole grain Ciabatta from a place like Whole Foods and you have yourself a nutritious breakfast that takes about 10 minutes.  Even better, you can reheat this meal. I tested it with my kids and they said it was just as good the second day so make extra!
  4.  Oatmeal- Two minutes in the microwave could not be easier.  Buy plain rolled oats, cook them up in the microwave and have the kids top the oatmeal with fresh fruit, nuts or granola.
  5.  Overnight Oats-  This is a great way to plan ahead for a busy morning.  You can make a few days worth of breakfasts and pull them out as you need them. There are a million and one recipes for overnight oats but I like this overnight oat recipe the best.
  6. Plant-Based Yogurt with Fresh Fruit and Granola- My personal favorite (and my kids) is Forager Cashewgurt. Add a little low sugar granola and fresh fruit of their choice and you have a fabulous breakfast or after school snack.


  1. Whole Wheat Bagel- Add some peanut butter and some bananas and you have a complete meal.  
  2. Avocado and Humus Quesadilla- Try making these quesadillas for the kiddos instead of the traditional quesadilla with cheese.  We are better off steering our kids away from all dairy even if it is delicious.  Check out a previous blog on why dairy is best left out of our diets.
  3. Plant-Based Yogurt with Fresh Fruit and Granola- It works as well for lunch as it does for breakfast.
  4. Black Bean and Rice Burrito- Try this recipe for a quick and easy meal just make sure to choose whole wheat tortillas.
  5. Raw Veggies and Humus- Kids love to dip so cut up your kids favorite vegetables and add a container of humus and you have succeeded in getting you kids to eat vegetables with a side of extra plant-based protein.
  6. Humus and Cucumber Sandwiches- Make sure to buy some delicious sourdough bread (a really healthy version can be bought at Whole Foods) or another whole grain bread.
  7. Pasta- Most kids love pasta so invest in a good thermos to keep it warm and put you kids favorite pasta in it.  Even better, have pasta for dinner and make enough so there are left-overs for lunch.
  8. Soup- Make a batch of delicious Lentil or Vegetable soup and put it in that thermos you bought.  Make enough so that you can freeze a few portions for a quick lunch idea!

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