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No Time to Exercise? Check This Out!

I was talking to a member at the YMCA recently about his difficulty with exercising during the holidays.  He told me that he was travelling and wanted to continue to exercise.  The problem was that he didn't want to bring any equipment and the space he would have was very limited. That got me thinking.......What if I could video a workout that is just your body weight and could be done in a very small space.  That's easy enough but let's up the ante and also make this workout just a little over 30 minutes when we add in a quick warm-up and cool down.  That's a winner in my book so my holiday present to you is this workout.  Feel free to share it and use it when you travel this holiday season or perhaps when you are really crunched for time.  Remember to always listen to your body and modify as needed.  I tried to show lots of options for lots of different levels but it is up to you to know what your body will tolerate.  Enjoy your workout and enjoy your holidays!

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