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Never Say No to Veggies!

In a world where everyone seems to be telling us we can't have this or that, I'm here to tell you that you can have veggies and as many of them as you want!  There is one caveat to that (sorry not all of them are good in large quantities)!  Eating your weight in white potatoes is probably not the best choice and when I recommend a serving of vegetables I don't mean to drown them in butter, salt or fattening sauces.  Currently the recommended daily allowance of vegetables is nine servings a day.  What constitutes a serving!  For leafy greens it is 2 cups and for other vegetables it is 1 cup.  Nine servings may seem like a lot but if you simply add one huge salad to your day then you have made significant progress in reaching that marker.  I'm talking a HUGE salad consisting of 2-4 cups of lettuce and tons of chopped raw veggies on top!  Another suggestion is to change up your breakfast and make a veggie scramble using spinach, peppers and mushrooms or boost your morning smoothie with spinach or another leafy green.  Every time you eat, veggies should be the STAR and the lean protein, starchy carbohydrates and fat should be the supporting characters.  Eat the rainbow and your body will love you!  Challenge yourself to get those nine servings each and every day!

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