Need motivation? Small Group Training is for you!

I know there are days and maybe even weeks that you struggle to make it to the gym.  We have all been there.  For one reason or another we lack the motivation to go to the gym or we feel uninspired by what the gym has to offer.  Small group training is a great way to change it up!  Small group training is that happy medium between personal training which can range anywhere from $50-100 per session and group exercise classes that are often included in a gym membership.

Benefits to Small Group Training

  • More Fun: It is more fun to workout with a group of like minded individuals.
  • More Interaction: You have more interaction with the trainer and consequently a more personalized exercise experience.
  • More Accountability: The trainer and other participants will notice if you miss a session.
  • More Affordability: Small group training ranges in price from $9-15 per session.



While these benefits are compelling, I personally think the greatest benefit is the super support small group culture that inevitably forms with a small group.  Each and every time I run a Tabata Bootcamp I have witnessed an incredible bond and support system develop between the members of the bootcamp.  At first I thought it was an anomaly but I have seen it happen time and time again.  These ladies will meet up outside of our class and have coffee or text each other about which group exercise class they are going to on our off days.  They call each other if someone misses a class to make sure they are ok and they encourage each other on the days when they feel like giving up.  It is a beautiful thing to witness and I encourage anyone who needs a little motivation to join a small group training session.  The Tuckahoe YMCA is starting it's next Tabata Bootcamp on June 27th.   Maybe I'll see you there!

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