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More Broccoli Please!

image-vegetables-food-clip-art-christart-com-Fndq81-clipartSince attending the One Day to Wellness Seminar two weeks ago I have been trying very hard to transition my family to a whole foods plant based diet.  For me and for my daughter the transisiton has been pretty easy. We both love vegetables and even before I knew the research behind why we should eat this way she and I ate that way most of the time anyway.  It’s everyone else that have resisted my efforts.  I am by no means laying down the law and making them completely change their diet in one day.  Furthermore,  I have made enormous attempts to find recipes that will be appealing and delicious for even my pickiest eater.  I was telling a very wise woman (my sister) about my struggles and she reminded me that I have been slowly transitioning my diet for years.  Everyone else in my family not so much so they were going to resist!  She reminded me to be patient and make small changes so they can adjust.  I know she is correct but it is still frustrating!  I’m sure there are lots of moms and dads out there  that also struggle with feeding their kids healthy well balanced meals only to get “yuck” or “I don’t like that”  after all their hard work.  When I struck a home run with a meal this week I immediately thought of posting this recipe on my blog.  It was so easy and so fantastic!  My whole family gobbled it up.  I actually ran out of vegetables to serve which made my heart sing.  Did I hear “I wish we had some more broccoli Mom”?  My suggestion to you is to make twice as many vegetables as the recipe calls for and play around with which vegetables you use.  If your family likes sugar snap peas, carrots or edamame then add those in too!  Hears to hearing ” more broccoli please”  for many more meals to come.

Thai Peanut Burrito Bowls


  1. Thai food is one of my guilty pleasures. Since I have never enjoyed cooking and have been intimidated by creating dishes, I have been drawn to take out meals. Recently, I took the “One Day to Wellness” seminar that opened my eyes to what I am doing to my body with my food choices. I recognized very quickly that I have been making extremely poor diet decisions. Now I am on an adventure to change my ways. This means I have to stop being lazy and start researching meals and asking for help. Luckily I have the best big sis (Riley Shaia) and mom in the world! They have been supplying me with yummy recipes, helping me find healthy substitues to my previous food choices and even taking the time to go grocery shopping with me! Slowly but surely I will learn how to do this the right way and on my own. However, I appreciate all of Riley’s amazing tips and recipes she shares with everyone. I can’ t wait to try the broccoli dish. Again, thanks big sis! You are an inspiration. You don’ t just talk the talk. You actually live what you teach. You are a true teacher!
    Love ya,
    Molly aka Aunt Momo

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