I never thought that I would be the type of person who meditated.   I’m constantly moving and doing something.  That is until I literally fall into bed each night exhausted and unable to keep my eyes open one more minute.  I pride myself on being productive and using each minute of every day. Who has time for meditation?  The answer to that question should be me!  I’m exactly the person who should be meditating.  I’m the poster child for the person who desperately needs the benefits of meditation.  There are hundreds of research studies that highlight the benefits of meditation. Psychology Today https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/feeling-it/201309/20-scientific-reasons-start-meditating-today lists 20 benefits some of which include

  • Decreased anxiety
  • Decreased stress
  • Makes you more compassionate
  • Increases grey matter
  • Improves your ability to multi-task
  • Improves your memory
  • Increases immune function

As a busy mom I need all of these things but who has time?  Time was one of the primary reasons that I never even attempted meditation.  My impression of meditation was that you had to spend 30 minutes or more a day meditating to receive the benefits.  I sometimes have trouble fitting in a shower!  How was I going to find 30 minutes to meditate.  What I recently learned, however, was that even 2 minutes will work. Well, I’ve got 2 minutes!  With the time commitment less daunting I began to explore times in my day that I could commit to meditation.  Sitting in the parking lot waiting to pick my daughter up from school I realized that I have 15 minutes everyday that I sit and wait.  Why not use that time to meditate.  Great, now how do I actually do it!  That, it turns out, is the easy part. There are several apps that will guide you through the process.  They include:  Buddhify, headspace, calm, WHIL, and inside timer.  I know the process seems daunting but just give it a try! Commit to just one day, then maybe one week!  I promise the benefits are amazing!



  1. I have been meditating for a couple years now. I take a few minutes before beginning my work day, read my devotional and then spend time relaxing my body and quieting my mind. The days I do not take that time to meditate, I am not as productive or calm. I totally agree with you, Riley, it is an important part of your overall health !

  2. Great post. My 15 year old daughter started using headspace 3 months ago. Maybe I should give it a try. Thanks for the reminder.

    • I’m so glad and very impressed that your 15 year old daughter is meditating. Wish I could get my 15 year old daughter to do the same!

  3. I do it before I go to sleep to reset myself. It clears out the days stress and returns me to mindfulness. Love your post. Thanks, Riley. You are a great healthy, positive life-style coach.

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