January 21, 2018: Nutrition Lecture-10 Steps to a Healthier You/Successful Kitchen Set-up, Tuckahoe YMCA in Richmond, Virginia

January 23, 2018: Nutrition Lecture-How to Shop to Optimize Nutrition, Richmond, Virginia

February 3, 2018: Barre Above Certification, Lynchburg, Virginia

February 10, 2018: Barre Above Certification, Alexandria, Virginia

February 18, 2018: Nutrition Lecture-Eat This, Not That, Tuckahoe YMCA in Richmond, Virginia

February 25, 2018: Barre Above Certification, Richmond, Virginia

February 27, 2018: Nutrition Lecture Series-Transitioning to an Evidence Based Diet, Richmond, Virginia

March 18, 2018: Nutrition Lecture Series-Shopping for Optimal Nutrition, Richmond, Virginia

March 23-25, 2018: One Weekend To Wellness in Virginia Beach, Virginia

April 15, 2018: Nutrition Lecture-Transitioning to a Evidence Based Diet, Tuckahoe YMCA in Richmond, Virginia