Healthy Eating On The Go Series

The holidays are upon us and with this comes even less time than normal to fix healthy meals. We often find ourselves searching for a quick bite. Fortunately, the cry for healthier options has been heard by the restaurant industry. Several delicious and nutritious restaurants have cropped up around Richmond and other cities. My Healthy Eating On The Go series will highlight a few of my favorites starting with Cava.

Cava was started by three friends, one of which is a chef, to celebrate their Greek and Mediterranean family cooking traditions. Having married into a Lebanese family the bond these friends have to the food that they have been raised on struck a chord with me. They are located mostly on the east and west coasts. In Richmond, Virginia they have two locations in the VCU area and Short Pump and a location coming in Midlothian. I really like this place for several reasons but mostly because I can go there, eat really delicious food and not feel guilty! Check out a few additional reasons!

  • There are 58,978,800 different combos you can make with their menu items!
  • They make fresh juices every day.
  • All of the menu items are under $10.
  • They serve brown rice and lentils as a base option for your bowl which are both loaded with fiber.
  • Vegetables are one of the options for protein.  Those of you who know me know it is a pet peeve of mine when restaurants don't consider vegetable a protein option.
  • Some of the dips and spreads contain no oil and most are gluten-free and vegetarian.
  • They partner with local communities to develop healthy eating practices through urban gardening.  Studies have shown that when kids can grow their own food they are more likely to try new things and develop healthier eating practices.
  • They list all of the major allergens on the menu very clearly.  That is really nice when someone suffers from several food allergies!

Check out Cava at

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