Healthy Eating on the Go Series: Jason’s Deli

It can be very hard to find chain restaurants that have healthy options. Jason's Deli may be one that you have overlooked thinking they serve the typical deli fare that is meat heavy and vegetable lite. However, you can easily find healthy options at Jason's Deli if you ask them to modify your order. Here are my top favorites that will allow you to eat out without feeling guilty!

1) Organic Vegetable Soup-Like most pre-made soups it is high in sodium so if this is a problem for you them skip the soup.
2) Salad Bar-Each location has a salad bar just skip the cheese and dressing and opt for whatever vinegar they have at that location or if you are like me you carry your own dressing in your purse.
3) Spinach Veggie Wrap-This is a great option if you skip the cheese.
4) Zucchini Grillini-This is my personal favorite if you skip the cheese.
5) Taco Salad-This is a great option if you skip the chips, cheese and sour cream.
6) Sides for all of the above can be fruit or steamed vegetables. Skip the chips even the baked ones!

The next time you decide to go out try this quick and delicious restaurant, you won't regret it!

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