Finding Balance

I was listening to an interview with Kris Carr who is a plant-based author and filmmaker the other day and found myself very inspired by her words. The interviewer asked her,  What is the most important thing to healing and well-being?"  He gave her many choices like diet, exercise, meditation, lifestyle, and sleep. Her answer was so simple and yet so profound that I found myself thinking about it all day. Her answer was that it is the one thing you're not doing well at the moment. Think about that for just a minute. When you find that you are not quite your best self (this happens frequently in my life) and your life is out of balance you need to do an inventory of these components of health. The one that you are lacking is very likely the path back to well-being. I fully believe that the universe or God, depending on your belief system, puts people in our paths for a reason. Kris Carr's interview contained the information I desperately needed. I have been recovering from back surgery and my life feels very out of balance. I am able to exercise again (although not to the degree I would like) and my diet and sleep are all good. However, I had been feeling very out of control, stressed and a bit sad at the hiccup I am experiencing in my life. Her words made me realize that I needed to focus on meditation to control the stress and calm my fears of not fully healing. I used to meditate on a somewhat regular basis but I had let the practice go as life got too busy. What I now realize is that meditation can bring that much sought after balance back into my life. I hope that if you are experiencing imbalance in your health and well-being that you may heed her wise words as well!

"The most important thing to your health is the very thing you are not doing at the moment"


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