Solving the Cookware Dilemma

There is little doubt in my mind that oil is not a health promoting food.  As I discussed in a previous blog (click here to check it out), oil is quite detrimental to your health so when we cook we should try to limit our use of oil as much as possible.  One way to do this is by using non-stick cookware.  I have had good teflon pans that I was quite happy with for some time but what always happens after a few years is the coating starts to wear away.  I've often wondered if this is good for me.  By the time I start to notice the wear on the pan I'm sure I've ingested quite a bit of the non-stick coating.  UGGG!   I don't know about you but chemicals like PTFE or Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene) or PFOA (perfluoroctanoic acid)  are not what I want to consume.  According to Ocean Robbins with the Food Revolution Network there are some studies that indicate that heating Teflon and similar non-stick surfaces above 460 degrees Fahrenheit releases a group of chemical that will kill birds if they are left in enclosed spaces with these chemicals.  Furthermore, we often cook at temperatures well exceeding this temperature on a regular basis.  I don't know about you but I would rather find a non-stick alternative.    On a recommendation from the Food Revolution Network I bought the Ozeri Green Earth Non-Stick Frying Pan brand of ceramic pans and I absolutely love them.  I need absolutely no oil and nothing sticks!  The best part is that they clean really easily.  Nothing is worse than cookware that takes 20 minutes and a ton of elbow grease to clean up!  Furthermore, they are not very expensive, yet another check in the plus column for these pans.  Check them out online if you wish!  They come in 3 sizes 8", 10" and 12" and one click in the Amazon store is all it takes to be cooking oil-free with ease in a matter of days!






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