Food of the Month: Spirulina

What is it? Spirulina is a cyanobacterium or blue-green algae that has some pretty amazing health benefits. Health Benefits: 1) It is rich in chlorophyll which removes toxins from the blood and helps boost the immune system. 2) It is high in protein containing 4 grams of protein per one tablespoon. Furthermore, it has a net utilization […]

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Always Hungry?

Maybe you decided to cut back on food in the new year and lose a few of those pounds you put on over the holidays. If that is case, it is entirely possible that you also feel chronically hungry! There is one basic strategy that will help you feel full and satisfied without destroying the healthy […]

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Diet Confusion

I haven’t been able to turn on the television in the past two weeks without hearing some expert or another talk about the diet they are promoting. It is enough to drive a person mad! Many of us approach the new year as a way to change some bad habits to good ones and perhaps […]


Healthy Eating on the Go Series: Fresca on Addison

As I took a six-hour trip this weekend to North Carolina, I was reminded of how hard it is to eat in a healthy way on the go. I was constantly bombarded by signs for fast food that was anything but healthy. While I still have trouble finding spots to eat everywhere I go, there […]

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Anemia and Whole Foods Plant-Based Diets

When I tell people I eat a whole-food plant-based diet, I often get a worried look from people. They will say “all the vegans I’ve ever known have been sickly. Aren’t you worried about things like anemia?” Conventional wisdom believes that eating a whole-food plant-based diet could not possibly provide enough iron to prevent anemia. […]

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Food of the Month: Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts come from the Brazil nut tree found largely in the Amazon.  The Brazil nut tree is one of the largest trees in the Amazon and produces 250 pounds of nuts a year.   The Brazil nut tree can live more than 500 years and is used for its fruit as well as harvested for […]


Bodyweight Tabata Bootcamp for a Quick Calorie Burn

It’s the day after Christmas and many of us either ate too much the past few days, are at a family member’s house and don’t have access to a gym or perhaps both! I thought I would repost a blog that might come in handy about now! No equipment is needed for this workout and […]


Last Minute Gift Ideas

Christmas is rapidly approaching and if you are like me you still have a few gifts to buy!  Some people are so hard to buy for but hopefully these items will inspire you to finish that shopping list so you can relax and enjoy the holidays with your family and friends. Riley’s Picks For a […]

Riley Shaia-Tabata Bootcamp Master Trainer

The New Year is Coming! Are You Ready to Make a Change?

This week I’m going to link you to another blog that has become very important to me, One Day To Wellness. Check out my journey from fitness instructor to wellness coach and consider joining me in a one day seminar that is designed to harness the truth about sustained weight loss, behavioral change that sticks, […]


Healthy Eating On The Go Series

The holidays are upon us and with this comes even less time than normal to fix healthy meals. We often find ourselves searching for a quick bite. Fortunately, the cry for healthier options has been heard by the restaurant industry. Several delicious and nutritious restaurants have cropped up around Richmond and other cities. My Healthy […]