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Which Diet Should I Choose?

There are so many diets out there!  Some seem reasonable and are often backed by claims that they will produce dramatic weigh loss and make you healthy while others seem ridiculous.  The diet industry produces a new diet every five minutes each one claiming to be the best.  It can make your head spin!  I was recently […]


Don’t Let Yourself Slip Just because it’s Summer!

The kids are home from school. Your on vacation. There are BBQs and get togethers with friends. The list is endless, but don’t let the excuses derail you from your healthy choices. Here are a few quick suggestions for making this summer one that doesn’t derail your progress! Join a small group training session.  The […]

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A great deal of evidence points to the importance of a plant-based diet.  Animal protein whether it is seafood, eggs or meat has a negative impact on your cardiovascular system.  In Joel Fuhrman’s new book ” The End of Heart Disease”  he suggests no more than 2-3 servings of animal protein a week. That’s tough […]

Riley Shaia-Tabata Bootcamp Master Trainer

30 Days to Healthy Living Part 4

I’m almost at the end! Three more days to go and I have mostly stayed on track. I will admit to having a glass of wine for my anniversary and then another one last week (some weeks are tougher than others and this last one was a doozy)! I really want to keep this up […]

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How Much Salt is Too Much?

How Much Salt? We have always heard that too much salt is bad for us.  Recently, however, the government (FDA) released new guidelines.  These guidelines are voluntary but suggest that 150 categories of food decrease the sodium level in their food.  First let me say that I’m not a big fan of the government regulating […]


30 Days to Healthy Living Part 3

I had a breakthrough this week. I woke up on Saturday and got too busy to have my tea or a fizz stick to give me some energy. I went through my morning and suddenly realized that I felt great! It is possible to get through a day without craving caffeine! This week we started […]

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Greens to Lean

“The more you eat green, the more you get lean.” (Joel Fuhrman, M.D., The End of Heart Disease)   I will fully admit that I am a nutrition nerd.  I love to read books about nutrition or diets. When I hear about a new one the first thing I do is head to Amazon to order it! I’ve spent […]

30 Days to Healthy Living Part 2

Week 2 almost down and I have to admit that it is getting easier.  I no longer crave the caffeine and almost don’t crave the taste of coffee.  The biggest difference I am noticing this week is that I am not as hungry.  I have used a couple of the recipes Arbonne provides as part […]

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Food of the Month: Zucchini

In Virginia and many other places May is the start of zucchini season.  It is a crop that a novice gardener can grow in abundance and with very little effort.  It is also a very versatile vegetable which makes it a perfect side dish or addition to a dish that you might be preparing.   […]


30 Days to Healthy Living

I recently posted about trying the Arbonne 30 days to healthy living. Well, Monday was the first day of the 30 day plan. I will admit the first 2 days were not easy only because of caffeine withdrawal (it could also of been my crazy busy weekend that wore me out). I was so tired! […]