Number One Tip to a Healthier You

What if I told you I could give you one tip and it would change your health dramatically.  You probably wouldnn’t believe me but it’s true!  That one tip is to BE PREPARED! When we are prepared those little stumbling blocks in our lives that cause us to abandon our good intentions of eating healthy keep […]

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Food of the Month: Apples

It’s officially fall!  The kids went back to school today and the house is once again quiet (at least until 2:30).  While it doesn’t feel like fall today since we are reaching 93 degrees in Virginia, I know cooler weather will be here soon and with the cooler weather will come an abundance of apples. […]

Riley Shaia-Tabata Bootcamp Master Trainer

The Magic of Small Groups

Small group training has gained popularity in recent years.  Why do people flock to this type of training?  The simple answer is camaraderie.  We live in a world where we can potentially have very little human interaction and joining a group especially appeals to people.  However, small groups are not just for exercise.  Think about […]


Clean Out Your Fridge Summer Salad

This past week I was still suffering from a calf injury, getting over a nasty cold and running my kids eight different directions!  Let’s just say that it wasn’t my best week!  Going to the grocery store to forage for dinner wasn’t in the cards so instead I foraged in my refrigerator and what came […]

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Tabata Confusion

High intensity interval training or HIIT for short is extremely popular right now!  It’s on every group exercise schedule in every gym and is a workout people love to hate!  However, I often see people mistaking Tabata and other HIIT training protocols.  HIIT training is any exercise protocol that has periods of work and rest […]

Lemon water ritual-glasses of water

Lemon Water Ritual

Everyone knows it is important to drink water but have you ever tried lemon water first thing in the morning? Why should we drink a glass of lemon water each day?  There are many reasons but here are a few! Lemon  water has an alkalizing effect because of its’ high alkalizing mineral content.When your body’s […]

4 Healthy Dessert Recipes

I will fully admit that I love all things sweet!  Unfortunately healthy and dessert do not often appear in the same sentence.  That got me thinking.  Could I find healthy dessert recipes or were they just a pipe dream?  More and more the research is saying that sugar in any form is unhealthy. Research shows […]

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Food of the Month- Nutritional Yeast

What is it?  Nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast that doesn’t produce a rising effect. It is usually found in the form of flakes or granules.   Health Benefits: Nutritional yeast contains a complete protein meaning it contains 9 essential amino acids that your body can not produce.  It contains several B vitamins: thiamine, folate, B-6, and […]


Vacation Workout

Vacations are in full swing and the respite from the normal day to day schedule is welcome!  For me summer is just as busy driving kids from place to place as it is during the school year.  The only thing missing is not having to worry about packing lunches.  Vacation is a chance for me […]