Read Between the Lines

I recently read a letter to the editor in our local newspaper about milk alternatives.  While this person was far from an expert the letter was ridiculous on so many levels.  My first thought was that there were certainly readers out there that would read this article and believe what this person was saying.  That […]

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Food of the Month: Spinach

We all remember Popeye the sailor man when he said ” I’m good to the finn-ich cause I eat my spinach.”  A whole generation of kids grew up thinking they would be stronger if they ate spinach. While that is still true it turns out the genesis of that popular notion actually began by mistake. […]


Dipper or Diver?

I recently wrote about the dangers of dairy.  That kind of information may be enough for some people to decide to remove dairy from their diet.  Depending on how much dairy you consume that task may be easy or quite daunting.  One thing that is important to realize is what kind of personality type you […]

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6 Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Be Giving Dairy to Our Children

My 13-year-old son was in health class this week when the teacher started expounding the virtues of drinking milk.  Well, my son felt he should challenge that notion and decided that he would tell his teacher that his mom has taken them off of dairy of any kind. The teacher of course asked him to explain […]

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Fact and Fiction of Whole Foods, Plant Based Diets

There is so much confusion out there about different diets and which one is right for you and your family.  Some of the more popular ones like Paleo and the Mediterranean Diet will claim to be the best but research indicates that a whole foods, plant-based diet is in fact most advantageous for the reduction […]

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Food of the Month: Sweet Potatoes

Did you know that February is National Sweet Potato Month? Sweet potatoes were one of my favorite vegetables.  They were tasty and packed a powerful nutritional punch!  Then I turned 40!  My body developed an allergy to them amongst other things. While I can no longer tolerate them I hate to deprive everyone else of them […]

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Is Something Missing From Your Fitness Regime?

Life can sometimes get out of balance.  We eat too much, sleep too little or work too hard.  Likewise, our fitness routine can get out of balance if we are not careful.  There are four components to physical fitness that are necessary if we are to be at our optimal level of health. When we […]


New Gadget for the New Year

I know it’s frowned upon for a husband to get his wife cookware for Christmas but my husband knows I love to cook so he took a chance.  He got me a Tupperware SmartSteamer and I will admit it is pretty cool!  The steamer has several levels so you can steam a whole meal at […]

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Bring on the New Year!

I know that we haven’t even celebrated Christmas yet but I’m a planner so I started thinking about the new year.  It is full of possibilities!  Those possibilities only come to fruition though if you make a conscious effort to achieve your goals.  Now I know the word New Year’s resolution is a joke to […]

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Time For Soup!

  This past week the temperature has begun to drop and it is finally starting to feel like winter. I’m always cold (my kids make fun of me about it constantly) so a salad for lunch or dinner isn’t as appetizing to me as it is in the more temperate months. What is enticing is […]