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Five Family Friendly Recipes

Coming up with quick, easy, and delicious recipes for your family on week nights is exhausting. Between your work (in the home or outside of the home), practices, and homework it can all be a bit overwhelming and frankly can lead you to rely on fast food more than you would like for your family. What […]


Holiday Gift Ideas Galore

Christmas is only 3 short weeks away……AHHHH! To help ease the panic I’ve compiled a list of my favorite gift ideas.  There are ideas for the cook in your life, someone interested in learning more about health and wellness or the person in your life that needs to decompress in the new year.  I’ve included […]

Take some time to prep your vegetables

Batch Cooking Made Easy

A friend of mine recently told me about a website, Clean Food Dirty Girl, that has great plant-based meal plans. I was curious so I joined the free trial. I was pleased to find that it wasn’t just plant-based but oil-free as well. Jack-pot! This web-site lays everything out for you. It allows you to […]


Meet the Family behind Siete Foods

I was watching the Today show one morning and came across a story about Veronica Garz who had started a grain-free food company based on foods that she grew up on as a Mexican American. Check out her story in more detail here.  Since I have numerous allergies I was interested in finding out more about these […]

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Lazy Feet: Do You Have Them?

I think we can all agree that are feet are not the most attractive part of our bodies nor do we really worry about spot reducing in this area. Our bigger concerns are for great abs or a toned back side but have you ever considered that your feet may be the reason you can’t […]


Starting Your Day in a Healthy Way while Travelling

I recently went to Florida for the World Barre Fitness Summit followed by my company’s master trainer summit. We stayed at a beautiful hotel but the options for breakfast were both unhealthy and expensive. I’m not a fan of spending $30 on a breakfast buffet where I will only eat the oatmeal and some fruit. […]

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Food of the Month: Corn

It finally feels like summer and when I think of summer I think of sweet, juicy corn on the cob. Grilled, roasted or microwaved it doesn’t matter, it is simply delicious! What is it?  Corn was originally a wild grain but was domesticated thousands of years ago in Mexico. Sweet corn is harvested when the crop […]

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Cook Once, Eat Twice or Three Times…….

There is nothing I like better than getting several meals/snacks out of one bout of cooking which is the premise behind batch cooking.  The problem is that I rarely get it together enough to batch cook for the whole week.  I’m trying to give myself some grace as far as that is concerned but every […]


Food of the Month: Parsely

Parsley is one of those foods that I like but never seem to have around when I need it. I buy a bunch for a recipe and use a few tablespoons and then it goes bad in my refrigerator so I’ve decided to explore the benefits of parsley and determine the best way to store […]

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Tips for Budget Friendly Grocery Shopping

One of the biggest reasons people will give for not changing to a plant-based diet is money. They are concerned about the cost of buying large amounts of produce and other expensive whole foods. I have two answers to that: First, you may end up paying a lot more in health care when you develop […]