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Food of the Month: Cherries

Cherries make me think of summer and my kids with sticky red faces after they ate a bowl of cherries.  Even though it seemed most of the cherry ended up on their faces I knew what was getting into their bodies was amazing and delicious so this blog is dedicated to that sweet and sometimes messy summer treat! […]

Riley Shaia-Tabata Bootcamp Master Trainer

No equipment? None needed!

Lots of us are going on vacation and we don’t want to let our fitness regime slide. We also don’t want to spend our entire vacation exercising nor do we have the space or equipment to get in a great workout! The solution lies in a quick 35 minute body weight tabata workout. Tabata is […]

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Natural Anti-inflammatories

We are very quick these days to treat any ailment we might have with medication. However, what we eat can make a huge difference in the stress and inflammation our bodies experience. Chronic inflammation, which can lead to diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, depression and Alzheimer’s disease, is the manifestation of oxidative […]

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Partner Fun! Workout With a Buddy

Sometimes working out can be lonely and you can feel a little unmotivated especially if you typically workout alone.  Instead of your normal workout why don’t you try these partner exercises. I created a quick instructional video for you to watch so take a quick look!  Partner video These exercises can be used in any order […]

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Need a Great Summer Recipe?

With my numerous allergies and my choice to eat a whole-foods plant-based diet, I have a hard time finding food that will travel easily especially in the heat. A friend of mine sent me this recipe from Richmond Magazine and I absolutely love it! It is simple to make, really flavorful, keeps for a week […]

Riley Shaia-Tabata Bootcamp Master Trainer

Tabata Bootcamp Testimonial

This week I thought I would share a testimonial from one of my bootcampers.  Ashley’s experience with Tabata Bootcamp is exactly what I would wish for everyone who joins this program.  Her success is amazing and although she gives me some credit, it is her hard work that allowed her to achieve such amazing results! […]

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HIIT Training vs. Resistance Training: Which is most effective?

HIIT training ( High Intensity Interval Training) is still the buzz in the fitness industry.  However, resistance or strength training is extremely important because there is little doubt that muscle mass declines with age.  Ideally we should be doing both but who has time for that in a life full of many other obligations?  The […]


Light Summer Reading Anyone?

While I would not consider these selections light summer reads, I do feel like these books are a great introduction to the why and how of whole-foods plant-based eating.  Each of these books has a slightly different perspective and purpose but each is extremely informative.  If you are considering making a change to this type […]



As we enter the summer months, schedules begin to relax with kids out of school and vacations. That can be a landmine for sticking to our diet and exercise plans.  It can be so easy to let healthy habits go in the summer months so how do we stay on track?  One word: ACCOUNTABILITY.  One […]

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Food of The Month: Beets

I know what your thinking!  “Yuck!  My mom force-fed me beets when I was a kid and I will never willingly eat them again!”  Well, I don’t know about you but there a lot of foods that I thought that I hated but realize as an adult these same foods are quite tasty.  As we […]