Sprouting For Health

I keep hearing about sprouting and wondered what the big deal was with growing your own sprouts. I started to explore the how and why and have become quite enamored with the process for 3 reasons. First, it got my youngest son away from video games and got him involved with growing his own food.  Second, […]

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My Love Affair with Soup

The weather has just turned quite cold and I find myself enjoying soup of all varieties.  They are filling and easy to make in big batches and freeze.  My kids often take soup to lunch with them which is a great way to know they are getting a nutritionally sound lunch even if they do trade their […]

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Food of the Month: Lentils

It’s fall again and for me that means soup!  I love homemade soup as the weather starts to get a bit chillier.  Lentil soup is a great way to get your protein, fiber and veggies all in one convenient package.  While store bought varieties are convenient, they often contain added salt and other preservatives.  So consider […]


In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As I purchased my special Breast Cancer Awareness bagels from Panera this week and my youngest son came home from soccer practice with very bright pink socks to wear for his game this week, I started to think about the impact that Breast Cancer and all cancers have on our lives.  I’m sure that most […]


Food of the Month: Oats

Oats were first brought to America in the 1600s by the British.  They are a cereal grain that is grown for both human and animal consumption.  Oats in their most natural form are oat groats.  They can be cooked or steamed.  However, they have a bigger grain than rice so they take much longer to […]

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Brown Fat: Why we actually want this type of fat

For most of us the quest to rid our bodies of fat is of paramount importance!  Wait just a minute though!  There is a type of fat, brown fat, that is actually beneficial for us to have in our bodies. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, brown fat is defined as ” a mammalian heat-producing tissue occurring especially […]

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How Much Protein is Enough?

As a group fitness instructor and a self proclaimed “nutrition nerd,” students have often asked me about how much protein they need.  There are many nutrition authorities that tout high protein/high fat/low carbohydrate diets.  The problem with those diets is that despite our best efforts our bodies will naturally use the amount of protein it requires […]


One of the reasons transitioning to a plant-based diet is difficult is a bit psychological.  We were raised to expect a main course that consisted of meat so when that doesn’t exist we feel cheated and deprived.  That got me thinking!  I kept hearing about cauliflower “steaks”  and decided to give them a try.  When my […]

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Time Restricted Eating

Throughout our history humans have faced periods of extended famine.  We are equipped with the capacity to survive these periods because of our ability to access our fat stores as long as we consume adequate water (water-only fasting) (The Pleasure Trap by Lisle and Goldhamer).  As a whole, western societies have swung wildly in the […]

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What is the “Mother” in Vinegar     I’ve always wondered why Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar boasted of this thing called “mother.”  Recently I was in a store that sells fancy flavored vinegars and they mentioned that they too sold vinegar with “mother” in it.  That got me thinking, what exactly is “mother” and why is it so good […]